ADHD isn't a problem of desire but of ability

About Compassion Cultivator

Telling a woman with ADHD to try harder is like telling someone who needs glasses to try harder to see - it's a problem of ability not lack of desire.

Compassion and understanding lead to forgiveness, which is the key to moving forward and making progress. Destiny Neekole is committed to helping women realize they're not broken and definitely not in need of fixing. But instead to be understood and met with compassion - a concept that's often lost not only on women with ADHD but women as a whole.


Hey there,

I'm Destiny Neekole

When I was 25 years old I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression & bipolar I. For years I managed my medication, juggled therapists and tried my best to keep my head above water in life. 

It wasn't until I was 31 that I received my inattentive ADHD diagnosis. Up until then I had joked about my very prevalent, life altering symptoms. Dismissing real problems as simple character flaws. Believing my personality was distractibility, impulsivity and mental restlessness - Not knowing that I had a very unique brain.

With relief - to have a name for my shortcomings - came a sense of obligation. A commitment to self to find out everything I possibly could about my unique brain. After consuming copious amounts of information through medical articles, books and anything I could get my hands on. I quickly realized that I was in need of a community. What I found broke my heart. 

Thousands of women suffering from ADHD symptoms were stuck in shame-guilt loops. Victims to negative self talk and the inability to find long lasting joy in their lives. A new, purposeful, compassionate obligation became very apparent - Not only learn coping skills and strategies for myself but also to help other women with their own ADHD.

Through trial, error, exhaustion, and resilience I discovered skills and strategies that make living with ADHD not only manageable but also enjoyable. I learned how to Live My Best Life with ADHD and my mission is to help other women do the same.


Compassionate ADHD Coaching

I help women with ADHD discover the unique struggles of a mind plagued with distractibility, emotional dysregulation and many other uniquely ADHD issues. With this new found discovery we work together to bring out her strengths (everyone has their own) and find strategies to overcome her weaknesses. From there we're able to frame her life in an entirely different way so she too can Live Her Best Life with ADHD.   

The women whom I serve come from all walks of life. From the overwhelmed mother to the restless business woman. You can be the most successful entrepreneur and still be plagued by your ADHD symptoms. Some women are hanging by thread in their day jobs while others can't imagine having a job at all with their current symptoms. I help women with ADHD focus on what's important to them so they can live their best life.  


Committed to Compassion

I absolutely love when I see a woman relax into her chair after hearing that her symptom isn't just a personality quirk, but a true condition of her mind. There's something innately fulfilling when I'm able to provide the much sought after information in a way that's gentle, comes from a place of understanding and is delivered with compassion. 

With Live Your Best Life women are able to compassionately take back control of their life. They're no longer held back due to their symptoms but instead they become a  full participant in their life - a life they enjoy! 

Through my process of compassionately coaching I'm able to tap into the underlining limitations that symptoms present. We're then able to explore the possibilities that present themselves once we shed light on the symptoms and how they're sabotaging your life.  With a new sense of self and a set of personal strategies and coping skills we work together to design the life in which you would enjoy. By using your strengths to your advantage along with your new set of strategies & skills I help you start living the life you want and enjoy.


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