Successful women can have ADHD

Hey there, I'm Destiny Neekole

Having ADHD doesn't mean you're not successful, quite the opposite is typically true. Are you an overachiever? Do you find yourself procrastinating on projects? When you're focused does time seem to slip by you? 
Working women with ADHD have the struggles of being a working woman and the added pressure of showing up with their ADHD.


ADHD Presents Differently in Women

When compared to men, women present their symptoms much differently. This often causes misdiagnosis and years of frustration.

Time Management

"How is it already 5:00PM?"


"My work has to be perfect before I allow others to see."


"Did I say the right thing?"

Always On Go

"I always have something that I'm doing."


Destiny Neekole

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I’m Destiny Neekole, to know me is to love me. I’m a queer mom co-parenting and thriving in Chicago, IL with my partner. I was diagnosed late with ADHD at the age of 31. With gratitude came a flood of uncertainty and anger, along with a sense of confusion. I didn’t know how I could change my life for the better but I was determined to do so. 
Through education, trial and error, my therapists and medication management I can happily say I’m a fully thriving woman that has ADHD.


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Destiny was incredibly insightful, as well as a compassionate and empathetic listener. She was able to identify the root of certain problems that held me back and gave me tools and skills to overcome them. She gave me the confidence to let go of the things that anchored me down and tackle issues that might arise in the future. I'm really thankful for our sessions. Thank you again for everything.

Andreea R.