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Go from procrastinating to prioritized in 45-Minutes!

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  1. the action of delaying or postponing something.


Derailed Deadlines

You've been here before, time and time again. There's a project or task that requires you to complete it by a due date. No matter how hard you try it's impossible for you to begin the task with ample enough time to do your best work. You slip into the familiar panic & hyper-focus loop where you're driven by adrenaline to complete the project just in time for the due date.

 It's time to break the cycle. 



You would start on the dishes if the counters were clear. You would of course clean the counters if you had clean towels. You'd get to the laundry once you gathered enough for a load. Once you notice you're spiraling again with your todo list it's already too late for you to begin. Unfortunately, tomorrow produces the same result. 

It's time to get focused.

Piles, Stacks & Clutter

Your environment is teaming with reminders of how much you've been postponing action. You have a loose idea of where most things are but you're never 100% sure - How can you be with everything everywhere? 
It's time to bring clarity into your life. 


From Procrastinating to Prioritized

Get focused on what's important to you

When a woman goes from Procrastinating to Prioritized she becomes Powerful. In this session we discuss your assessment and finally identify what has kept you stuck and procrastinating. From there we'll discover what prioritization means to you on a personal level and how you can get the task completed. Together we'll devise an action plan tailored to your strengths and your approved strategies to get your task(s) completed - finally!