From Procrastinated to Prioritized

From Procrastinated to Prioritized

Procrastinate no more!

When a woman goes from Procrastinating to Prioritized she becomes Powerful. In this session we discuss your assessment and finally identify what has kept you stuck and procrastinating. From there we'll discover what prioritization means to you on a personal level and how you can get the task completed. Together we'll devise an action plan tailored to your strengths and your approved strategies to get your task(s) completed - finally! 


What you receive:

  • Online Assessment - This online assessment will cover what you've been procrastinating and allows me a glimpse into your struggles. It's important to take your time and be honest with the assessment. Without a full understanding of the problem, it's difficult to create a clear solution - and you want results! What you put in is what you'll get out of this assessment. 
  • Session with Me - In 45-minutes we'll break down your assessment and discover what's been keeping you procrastinating on the tasks you want or even need to get done. After that, we will develop a personalized action plan for you to go From Procrastinating to Prioritized!
  • Personalized Action Plan - After our session you'll receive your action plan along with some useful strategies to help keep you motivated and focused. 


Most importantly, you'll receive a sense of understanding. I'll help you extend compassion to yourself around the task(s) you've been procrastinating, inviting you to forgive yourself for what you'll soon learn wasn't your fault. You'll be able to tackle the tasks that has been looming over you and haunting your days and dreams. The benefits are endless, the first step is deciding you want this for yourself. You'll know when you're ready.