6 Not So Obvious Symptoms of Women with ADHD

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Understanding your Adult ADHD is challenging. It's even more challenging when you discover that ADHD presents differently in women. In this FREE PDF discover 6 different ways your ADHD may be affecting you!


Destiny was incredibly insightful, as well as a compassionate and empathetic listener. She was able to identify the root of certain problems that held me back and gave me tools and skills to overcome them. She gave me the confidence to let go of the things that anchored me down and tackle issues that might arise in the future. I'm really thankful for our sessions. Thank you again for everything.

Andreea R.


Destiny Neekole

Compassionate ADHD Coach

When I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 31 I was both elated by the discovery and defeated. I had spent my entire life with an identity that had been ignored, dismissed and misdiagnosed.

What was I to do with this new information - What could I do? 

I learned quickly that though medication and therapy helps it didn't teach me the life skills I desperately needed. Through countless (and I do mean countless) hours of research, I came up with strategies. Some failed miserably, others did an okay job while the ones I use today and teach others have helped me to Live My Best Life with ADHD. 


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